Who is Megan Cohen Berkman?

In regard to the IKMF-weeks, we are going to introduce some of the G.I.T.s to you. We´ve already told you about Tamir, Julian´s Krav Maga mentor and Avi, the head of the IKMF. Today is all about the very first female in the Global Instructor Team: Megan.

Megan´s background is in Gymnastics, Judo and Handball and she has started doing Krav Maga back in 1988. During her army time in the Israeli military she became a Military Instructor. Since then she has been teaching women, teenager and kids in Krav Maga globally. What she likes the most though is the training with the CICs, she said. “Because this is about teaching people how to teach.”

As Krav Maga is a natural self-defense-system, based on inner reflexes and due to its logic, it is the easiest and most clever system to defend yourself, she explains. For Megan herself it is a way of living and a way of thinking. It is a passion. “As a G.I.T. I actually can combine two of my passions”, she says. “Krav Maga and teaching people. Like that I can make a change, wherever I am.” – not only as Megan is the first woman in the Global Instructor Team of the IKMF. Because of that she is a pioneer and an example for women and girls all over the world. What it is important to her is “to show girls worldwide that we can! Also showing men that we can!”

Who is Megan Cohen? Who is Megan Cohen?But being a G.I.T. is also about responsibilities, those don´t really differ from the ones of an instructor, she says. “It´s about being an example and influencing the life of others. That´s why we have to be careful with what we say and do and how we say and do things.”

And the influence of the IKMF as the biggest Krav Maga organization is high. For Megan the IKMF is not just a worldwide network offering the highest quality of Krav Maga, but also an option to work together with people and friends all over the world.

In that sense also with Julian. They met during a couple of seminars, be it in Israel or in Germany. The last time was last September in Haifa. Even if this is already a couple of months ago, Megan says: “I see his smile, his ambitions to get better and better, videos full of people and happy faces. All that shows, he is doing things the right way.”