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Andy Leithold

Andy Leithold


Andy has lots of years of experience in doing Krav Maga and supports the trainer team. He is further trained by the highest IKMF-Instructors on a regular basis.

How have you started doing Krav Maga?
I used to do close combat for years, after a break, I wanted to start again. So I was looking for something in my surroundings and found Julian Kramar Krav Maga. I did a trial session and was hooked right away. I have been sticking with Julian since then.

What was your last further training?
I passed my P2 in 2017. Furthermore I participated in the violent scenarios seminar.

What’s your Krav Maga goal?
Passing my P3 this year and completing my CIC next year.

What’s best about being a trainer?
I want to pass on my understanding, my knowledge and my skills. Other than that taking pleasure in seeing how others develop positively.

Describe yourself in three words.
Open, ambitious and team-minded.


  • Krav Maga support
  • experiences in Kung Fu, Wrestling and Kickboxing
  • P2


You can come to all regular Krav Maga training sessions at our locations in Hildesheim, Hanover, Sarstedt or Brunswick as a Member of Julian Kramar Krav Maga. Our offer contains Beginners, Advanced or Level Training as well as Women and Children Courses.


This is where you train certain topics intensively in four hours. Like that there´s enough time to get into the topic and to inherent it afterwards. No matter if you are a beginner or on an advanced level – there is something for everybody. A membership is not necessary.


Wether you are looking for a staff outing, a hen or a bachelor party or a children´s birthday party – Julian Kramar Krav Maga offers the option to bring any event in an unusual setting. Ask us and we develop an individual Krav Maga package for you and your needs.

Personal Training

You do have a tight schuedule and you wish for an individual support, where you can train result based and goalorientated after your visions? Personal Training is the right thing for you then – only you and Julian Kramar.

Why Krav Maga?

If you are threatened or attacked, you will have to defend yourself – no matter the situation: Going for a run in the park, after doing shopping in the underground garage, as a passenger in the subway or directly in front of your door. With Krav Maga you can defend yourself effectively. Arrange your trial session NOW and get to know the techniques!