Children Training

No matter if it’s on the way home from school or from a friend – you’ll never have a good feeling about your child walking around on its own. You are some kind of restless, some kind of anxious until you hear: “Yes Mum, yes Dad, everything is alright of course.”

According to statistics 13.929 children became victims of sexual violence in 2015, while there were also 4.000 cases of physical abuse.  We want your child to be safe. We want it to spread self-confidence. We want to show, how it can defend itself in a case of emergency.

That’s why we offer children training every Wednesday from 5 to 5.50 pm in Hanover. Children Krav Maga is for the age band from 8-12 and takes place under the direction of Julian and Sarah

During the first trial session, we ask a parent to stay with us. For the upcoming trainings and as we want your child to get home safely, we ask you to pick up your child after the session. Without notification from the parents in advance, we won’t let any child go home on its own.

Do you have questions or do you want to do a free trial session? Use the form and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.


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