Enjoy the Land of Krav Maga

Training on the beach? Check! Drinking coffee with the big people of Krav Maga? Check! Trying great Israeli dessert? Check, too. Enjoying life and getting the so-one-may-walk-in-peace-feeling? Double check!

On our second day we went to the beach to exercise first. The guys had the sand everywhere. Literally…everywhere. While exercising, we met a longstanding Krav Maga Expert and former trainings buddy of Tamir by a coincidence, who also works as a lifeguard at Camel Beach. He took us to his observation desk – crazily good view and… crazily good coffee once more.

Afterwards we went to GIT Megan´s, who had invited us, next to Tel Aviv. Even if there was no Krav Maga Training, there was a lot of Krav Maga talking going on. She told where she has been and what the plans for the future are. Additionally, we could enjoy the full Israeli hospitality.

In the evening we discovered the bar district of Haifa. Tamir Gilad´s birth and living place. If you don´t find proper peace after a day like that, will you ever?

Today is the third and also the last day. We have 12 h exciting journey ahead of us and…don´t really fancy it. The Dutch part of the Krav Maga family has already left this morning to travel around Israel and meet Avir Moyal, head of IKMF, during the next couple of days. Carsten from Kravolution has also already taken his train to the airport. So…what about us? We are chilling at the beach. But we are up to some stuff with Tamir later. What exactly? We will let you know during the next week.