Birthday party or staff outing — You want fun and action? Here we go!



You don’t fancy bowling or brunch? You want to have team-building, self-confidence-boost and aggression-reduction? Sounds like an unusual team-event? Well it is! Julian Kramar Krav Maga offers your company the option to do so.

As a Basic seminar for instance, where you and your employees learn the fundamental techniques of Krav Maga and where you have to step out of your comfort zone. Not only to burn off your energy, but also to work together. Exchange boredom with an experience with a difference.


Kid’s Birthday Parties

You want to offer your child the birthday-party event with a difference? Apart from our children training, we also offer Krav Maga at birthday parties. What does that mean? Playful self-defense and scream as loud as you can – basically doing things, which would never be allowed at home. 😉

The children training is particularly about explaining to the kids what distance actually means, when near it too near and when you should run away. Learning how to say “No!” and assessing violence in the first place also belongs to that. All that is built up playfully and suitable for children of course.


Adult Events

There’s a bachelor’s party or a round birthday due? You don’t want to run around in costumes selling stuff? What about a private Krav Maga seminar then? Whether you’d like a Basic, Women Only or Groundfighting one, is up to you. We adjust ourselves to you and your wishes.



Get in touch  – together we develop an individual Krav Maga package for your specific needs and requirements.