A couple of weeks ago, we had the Ground Fighting Seminar again. First and foremost it´s about preventive action and reaction like always when it comes to Krav Maga. Meaning: Check the situation beforehand to avoid tense situations and skirt an issue. If that doesn´t work, you will have to defend yourself – specifically, in bottom layer.

Imagine, you are wrestled on the ground by one or even multiple attackers and threatened by a knife…or a baseball bat… or the attackers kick you.

The Ground Fighting Seminar was all about, training those kind of situations. As the highest priority is here to get out of the position and literally back on your feet.

If that doesn´t work, you will have to fight! The second part of the seminar was exactly about that: Fighting from bottom layer, sparring and tactics. For instance: What do I have to do, if the attacker comes from wrestling and tries to keep me on the ground by using wrsteling-techniques?



We hope, all the participants had as much fun as we had. 🙂

Our next seminar is on 01.07. It´s a Stay Away! for the ladies.

Selbstverteidigung für Frauen in Hannover und Braunschweig

The next one for the guys is on 05.08: A Stick Defense Seminar is on offer then.

Selbstverteidigung in Hannover und Braunschweig

Who fancies a whole weekend of Krav Maga, can join in for our Krav Maga Outdoor Action 2017.