Julian is back from Israel, where he passed the E-Camp and the Expert 2 Testing with 100%. We are pretty proud! What about you? 😉

Julian and Mario Schouten from Krav Maga Protect Invest flew on 15.05. from Amsterdam to the IKMF in Israel. Testing prep was on the plan. Meaning, training in the mornings with the respective experts-groups until lunch break. Afterwards the so called family training, which contains training of certain topics.

Last Sunday it was time for the actual Expert Testing then. In the beginning Julian trained with Mario, but he sprained his ankle. That´s why both will fly back to Israel in September again so that Mario can do the testing then. At this juncture: Get well soon! As Mario has been sidelined, GIT Hen stepped into the breach as Julian´s expert-trainings-partner – and that worked quite well for both of them.

The Expert 2 contains a theoretical part, where Julian had to write an essay beforehand and a five hour practical part.

We say congrats to all of you once more and thanks to the IKMF and the whole IKMF family. You gave us, once more, a pretty amazing time!

Expert Camp IKMF Israel