As a member of Julian Kramar Krav Maga you can join all regular Krav Maga-trainings always and at any time, no matter whether you want to train in Hildesheim, Hanover, Sarstedt or Brunswick. Alternatively you can only subscribe for the Women Only or the children training. Additionally, you will get a discount for participation in all seminars of Julian Kramar Krav Maga – no matter what membership you decide for.

  • train at all locations

  • or subscribe only for the Women Only or the children training

  • 49,90€ admission fee and you’ll get a Julian Kramar Krav Maga Shirt for free

You get to know the Krav Maga techniques on a regular basis, which help you defending yourself in a case of emergency, and train their application. Prevention and communication are crucial topics additionally.

A gumshield and a jock strap are obligatory for the training participation. We can easily provide you with that. If you have any further questions, you can always ask Julian or send us a message. Surely you can come to one trial session for free. Please use the form to sign up.

We don’t want to train those, we want to be protected from. That’s why we require a certificate of good conduct within three weeks after the beginning of your membership. You can get it at your Administrative Office for Citizens.


Duration in monthsAdultsPupils/Students/
Police&Executive of JusticeWomen Only* Children Krav Maga*
24 39,90€34,90€34,90€//
12 45,90€40,90€40,90€29,90€29,90€
6 55,90€50,90€50,90€39,90€39,90€
3 69,90€64,90€64,90€49,90€49,90€
Prices include all taxes already.
*The Women Only and Children Krav Maga Courses only take part in Hanover.

Ticket of ten

  • no admission fee or contract period
  • including 10 Krav Maga units
    of 90 min regularly
  • valid up to 18 months
  • not transferable or refundable
    129,90€/Ticket of ten