We are IKMF!

IKMF – This is what we are, Julian Kramar Krav Maga. It is you, all of our students, all of our partner-schools, all instructors. Not just in Germany, but everywhere in this world. The IKMF is our Krav Maga-family and you are a part of it.

The IKMF still contains Imi´s thoughts and shares them. After all, the heads of the organization trained with Imi himself and were taught by him. And what can maintain the prevention-thought and the real spirit better than those people, who were taught by the master himself? Avi Moyal, the head of the IKMF is one of them.

The IKMF is all about quality. It is about showing you, how you can defend yourself against everything and everyone. The prevention-thought is thereby always in the foreground. It´s not about martial arts. It´s about you and your safety and the IKMF maintains exactly that, through constant qualification and further education of the instructors – after the Curriculum. Not just the instructors benefit from it though, but you. Through your personal development and the level testings, which are approved world-widely.

In addition, there is the global network. There are not only lots of schools in Germany, but everywhere on this planet. Be it in England, Prague, Greece or even China. Every single one of those countries faces different threat-situations. The system does not just develop through the regular international exchange in the respective countries, but in the whole world. For us. For you. For your safety!

We are not just the biggest Krav Maga organization worldwide, we are a family!