What is Krav Maga?


The History of Krav Maga


Krav Maga (Hebrew: Close Combat) does not belong to martial arts neither to fighting sports, but is an Israeli self-defense-system, which is based on natural movements and inherent reflexes. Like that it’s easily applicable in real emergency situations.

It has been developed by Imrich >>Imi<< Lichtenfeld after antisemitic attacks in Bratislava. He wanted to protect the there living Jews and give them an option to defend themselves. Eventually he brought the close combat technique to the Israeli military in the 1940s, after immigrating from Slovakia. Imi developed a close combat system, which works for both genders, independent of body heights or weights.  In Israel everyone, men and women, have to join the army. That’s why the easy learnability and availability, without regular training, had to be on focus. Today Krav Maga is an inherent part of the education in the Isreali Defense Forces.


Krav Maga in the civil sector


Later on Imi adapted the system to civilians. It’s usable for everyone – independent of age, sex or fitness-level. Hence, it is not about training for years and years to harden the body and train kicks, holds and throws until perfection, but about techniques which can be used by everybody – and which work outside the matts.

You train the same sequences of movements again and again. Practiced movements stay in the muscle memory. Afterwards you train simulated stress-situations with multiple attackers for instance. The mind shall be blanked out and the body shall only work reflexively – like in a real attack situation.

Krav Maga does not only strengthen the self-confidence and teaches, how you can defend yourself effectively, but also schools to listen to your inner alarm. To that belongs practicing deescalation to defuse critical situations.

A main part is therefore about prevention: Recognition of dangers early on and learning how to assess them properly. At the same time it’s about the abilities of defense in emergencies.


Krav Maga at Julian Kramar Krav Maga


The trainings at Julian Kramar Krav Maga are focused on respect, tolerance and peace. That’s why every member has to bring a certificate of good conduct latest three weeks after signing up. Julian Kramar has been trained by the best and leading Israeli instructors. Not only in Germany, but also locally on his many journeys to Israel. He is Civil Instructor Level Expert 2, Law Enforcement and Security-, as well as Kids-Instructor. Next to the regular rrainings , he also offers seminars for a diverse range of subjects. To that belong the WOMEN ONLY seminar specified to women, Basic seminars, but also Multiple Attackers- or Knife-seminars. In addition, Julian works as a Personal Trainer.


You can come to all regular Krav Maga training sessions at our locations in Hildesheim, Hanover, Sarstedt or Brunswick as a member of Julian Kramar Krav Maga. Our offer contains beginners, advanced or level training as well as women and children courses.


This is where you train certain topics intensively in four hours. Like that there is enough time to get into the topic and to inherent it afterwards. No matter if you are a beginner or on an advanced level – there is something for everybody. A membership is not necessary.


Whether you are looking for a staff outing, team building or executives training – Julian Kramar Krav Maga offers the option to bring enterprising goals in an unusual setting. Ask us and we develop an individual Krav Maga package for you and your company.

Personal Training

You do have a tight schedule and you wish for an individual support, where you can train results-based and goal-oriented after your visions? Personal Training is the right thing for you then – only you and Julian Kramar Krav Maga. Whenever and wherever.

Why Krav Maga?

If you are threatened or attacked, you will have to defend yourself – no matter the situation: Going for a run in the park, after doing shopping in the underground garage, as a passenger in the subway or directly in front of your door. With Krav Maga you can defend yourself effectively. Arrange your trial session NOW and get to know the techniques!