Who is Avi Moyal?

We have already introduced Tamir, Julian´s Krav Maga mentor, to you in one of our recent post. So we´ve thought, we should introduce the rest of the team. This time: Avi Moyal.

Avi was born in 1966 and started doing Krav Maga already during his childhood. By now he has been teaching the Israeli Self-defense system since over 35 years. Already back in 1985 he reached his Expert Level and was part of the IDF, the Isreali Defense Forces. That´s where he worked with SWAt Teams and lead operations for instance in Lebanon. Also the VIP protection is one of his main tasks. He was responsible for the safety of a IDF head, for instance. He says, Krav Maga changed his life and gives him the possibility to be a weapon for good people against bad ones. Thereby Krav Maga contains everything: Power and mercy, physical abilities and soul, logic and spirituality.

Avi belongs to the founders of the IKMF, together with Gabi Noah and Eyal Yanilov, who founded the IKMF on wish of Imi Lichtenfeld, the father of Krav Maga. Avi also trained with Imi and was one of his students. Additionally he was the head of the very first Krav Maga organization Aguda. It´s a gift being one of Imi´s students, he says. Imi taught him the whole mindset of Krav Maga. He wants to pass this gift to his own students. By now he is one of the highest Krav Maga masters all over the world and the head of the IKMF. He is also the advisor for the minister of sports and education in the area of Krav Maga. As head of the IKMF his duty is to function as a gate keeper, who ensures that the organization is and stays the best one out there.

In addition he was the one, who developed the systems for women selfdefense, the defense in and around the car and the children self-defense. Furthermore, he still trains the military sector and security representatives. He protected himself people like Michael Jackson, for instance. Who wants to find out more about his projects, can do so on the IKMF homepage.

You can find an interview with Avi and Megan here:

Julian took not just exams with Avi, but also a couple of seminars. To that belongs his law enforcement and security education. Avi says, Julian grabbed his attention through his smiling personality and he left quite an impression from day one. A good instructor has to be an example, Avi says. Like Julian.