Who is Israel Cohen?

Let´s go on with our introduction of the G.I.T.-Team – today: Israel Cohen. Israel is the head of the military and S.W.A.T. division and served as a combat fighter in the Israeli Navy. But that´s not about it. Israel also developed a special team in the paratroop recon and served and fought in three wars! Real life experiences in the application of Krav Maga is the key word here.

Israel has started training Krav Maga when he was only 11 years old under Avi Moyal, the head of the IKMF. When he was sixteen he became a Krav Maga instructor himself and learned Kiokochin Karate, Jiu Jitsu and boxing. His answer to the question why he is training Krav Maga of all things, he says: “Because I´m small. There are no rules, that´s why it´s suitable for the real life.”

Israel Cohen

Additionally, Israel joined the Israeli Secret Service and served there for two years, worked as security air marshal for another two years and another six years as a fighter and team leader in an operational ISA unit. The reason why Israel is the head of the military and S.W.A.T. division should be clarified by now. 😉

Today, Israel is a Krav Maga instructor for IDF elite units, an IKMF shooting and tactic instructor as well as a Global Instructor Team member. “16 years of army service are enough. I am still part of the military through the training, but I can also spend more time with my family,” he says.

The difference between the civilian and the military Krav Maga is “that you don´t have a choice. When it comes to the military or the Secret Service, you can´t run away. You have to fight”, Israel explains. And this is exactly where you can see the differences in the techniques in comparison to the civilian Krav Maga. “It´s not mainly about selfdefense, but about attacking someone.”

And here you can see, why Krav Maga is that great. “You can use it in any kind of life-situation und modify the techniques after your needs”, Israel says.