Who is Shlomi Moyal?

Shlomi Moyal is the head of the women and kids division and the brother of Avi Moyal, the head of the IKMF. After more then 20 years of training with different groups, forces and units all around the world, numerous CIC courses and seminars, he decided to focus on what he calls “the two groups which surely will use Krav Maga on a regular basis.” For him Krav Maga is “a way of living, understanding ones body and being able to use it as a weapon.”

That´s why he developed the kids program together with Avi. “Kids are often bullied in school. They have to know how to defend themselves”, Shlomi says. But it is more than that. It is about boosting the self-confidence and explaining to the children what danger actually is, what is good and what is bad. For that reason the kids program also uses educational and therapeutical methods. Shlomi adds: “You are not only a teacher, but a mentor. Everything you say will be taken seriously.”

They Stay Away program on the other hand, which is Krav Maga only for women, is Shlomi´s own baby. Through that he brought customized Krav Maga, meaning Krav Maga for specific groups, on a different level – to the most successful self-defense system for women, which is out there. The special thing about the Stay Away program is that it is not only about physical defense, but about using psychology. “Attacks on women do always have a sexual background. Meaning, you know what he is up to. That´s why you have to act and react differently in the first place.”  That´s what Shlomi calls psychological empowerment.

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Krav Mags in general is about giving good people tools for self-defense all over the world. Because: The IKMF is all over the world. “We are a family”, Shlomi says. “It´s not about money. It´s about having friends worldwide and knowing that, no matter which country you might step in, you know there are people, who will help you, no matter in which situation – be it the luggage, a place to stay or actually using Krav Maga.”